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The Destructivator Returns!

Take on the role of a tiny little super solider decked out in lime green and blast and insta-melee your way to victory! 

Unapologetically old school, forget the last 30 years ever happened and take on vast armies of soldiers, robots, spaceships, cruel traps, mini bosses & bosses - on foot and using various vehicles you find. With sharp colourful graphics, catchy tunes & 54 levels, there's a lot of fun packed into this little gem!

  •  54 Levels
  •  Vast array of enemies - soldiers, sentries, turrets, tanks, space ships, spiders, centipedes....
  •  Bosses & frequent mini boss fights
  •  Wear a hideous lime green suit
  •  Commandeer enemy ships and attack from the air
  •  Easy, Normal and Brutal skill levels to suit everybody
  •  Small characters in a big screens for that classic 80s feel


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Destructivator 2 es todo un homenaje a los run n' gun que nos quitaban muchísimas monedas y horas de diversión en los salones arcade, la jugabilidad es bastante fluida, la música es épica y los gráficos son coloridos y tienen un excelente diseño de niveles, aunque los pequeños sprites en ocasiones pueden hacer que perdamos a nuestro personaje de vista.

Lee mi review completa aquí: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2020/04/indie-review-destructivator-2.html

This game is very interesting.  Collecting stars, which is annoying in this kind of game, is extremely fun thanks to the simple condition of "Eliminating the enemy without staring at any time and killing enemies with 5 stars".  For support, we uploaded a video that we played lightly to Twitch.


I purchased it on itch.io and started it after DL, but I can only DL the demo version of Steam.  I can't even launch the demo version ... what happens?

Hi.  Sorry to be clear, are you saying the version that you download from Itch.io doesn't work properly? 

Yes, it is.  If you start with DL, you will be connected to Steam, and you can DL only from the demo version that can not be started.

So sorry about this.  Could you try and re-download for me and see if it works? 

I'm sorry for being late.  When I started it, I was able to play normally.  Fun game, thank you!


No problem at all, glad it's working and you enjoy it.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

I love the artwork

Advice to earlier me:

Don't do that thing of placing the game into the hardest setting thinking it will have a few more enemies and be a tad trickier, the game will punish you.