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The Hordes are coming!

Nobody knows why they're coming or where they're coming from.  All we know is that we have one brave pilot ready to take them on!

The Hordes is a simple arcade game, similar to the ones you might have seen in 80s arcades, but with one simple twist.  The enemies only get harder when you power up.  Max out your power up and you'll be firing an arc of ten bullets at at time, at enemies that are worth ten times as much.  Oh, but there are ten times as many of them!

Oh and better yet you don't need and endless supply of quarters / ten pence pieces / etc.

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AuthorPug Fugly Games


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This game is great! Didn't you make the old Alien Cat game? This game reminds me of that one. You should update and put that old game here too.

Ha yeah that's me.  There was Attack of the Robot Cats from Mars, And Revenge of... but I don't have the source to build either, and I suspect they wouldn't go down particularly well these days either :)

You know what 80's and Arcade feeling are all about. Just a pure adictive jewel, thank you so much for this master piece ;

Nice to see this back up and running